Oberlin College Archives


Chronological Index


TitleDate Standing
Historic Elm pre-1833-1965
Tappan Square 1833-present
Oberlin Hall 1833-1886
Finney's Tent 1835-1846
Carpenter's Shop 1835-?
Cincinnati Hall 1835-1840
Finney House 1835-1905
Ladies Hall (1st) 1835-1865
Mahan-Morgan House 1835-1883
Walton Hall 1835-1864
Colonial Hall 1836-1936
Tappan Hall 1836-1885
Shansi House (Mallory House) pre-1837-present
Old Laboratory 1838-1883
Keep Home  1839-1911
Geography Building/East Lodge 1840s-1960
Fairchild House (private) 1841-1948
First Church in Oberlin 1842-present
Music Hall 1842-1880
Administration Building, (Temporary) mid-19th century-1915
Cabinet Hall 1851-1901
Charles Martin Hall House 1853-present
College Chapel 1854-1903
Lewis (Edmonia) Center for Women and Transgender People 1857-present
Cranford pre-1860-ca. 1964
Stewart Hall ca. 1860s-1915
Men's Gymnasium (1st) 1861-ca. 1873
Allencroft 1861-present
Daub House 1862-present
Ellis Cottage 1863-ca. 1965
Talcott Tree pre-1865-1919
Ladies Hall (2nd) 1865-1886
Park Hotel/Oberlin Inn (1st) 1867-1955
French Hall 1868-1927
Society Hall 1868-1917
Allen House


Soldiers Monument 1870-1935
Elmwood Cottage 1870-1962
May Cottage 1870-1968
Squire Cottage 1870-1968
Wright Zoological Laboratory 1870-1959
Men's Gymnasium (2nd) 1873-1909 
Council Hall 1874-1930
Westervelt Building 1874-present
Antlers 1875-1965
Thompson Cottage 1876-mid-20th century
Bandstand (1st) 1879-1907
Geology Laboratory (1st)  late 19th century-1915
Heusner House late 19th century-1963
Root House late 19th century-ca. 1963
Thurston House late 19th century-?
Faculty Club late 19th century-1963
The Manor late 19th century-?
McClelland Block late 19th century-1955
Royce House ca. 1880-1934
Women's Gymnasium (2nd) 1881-ca. 1951 
Geology Laboratory (2nd) 1883-1963
Anchorage 1884-ca. 1965
Sturges Hall 1884-1963 
Warner Hall 1884-1964 
Churchill Cottage ca. 1884-1948
Johnson House  1885-present
Spear Library-Laboratory  1885-1927 
Carpenter Apartments 1886-1962
Goodrich House 1886-1963
Baldwin Cottage 1887-present
Dascomb Cottage  1887-1954
Peters Hall  1887-present 
Talcott Hall 1887-present 
Barr House 1888-ca. 1960s
Pyle Inn 1889-1975
Grey Gables  1890-1963
Botany Laboratory (2nd and 3rd) 1890-1961
West Lodge 1890-1957
Lord Cottage  1892-ca. 1965 
Shurtleff Cottage  1892-present
Lewis House/Severance House 1894-present
Beacon (1st) late 19th century-1962
Beacon (2nd) 1895-1962
Tank Hall 1896-present
Browning House 1900-1975
Sherman House early 20th century-?
Barrows House 1901-present
Severance Hall  1901-present 
Warner Center for the Performing Arts  1901 (addition: 1912)-present 
White House 1902-1962
Memorial Arch  1903-present 
Botany Laboratory (2nd) 1904-1914
International House 1906-present
Webster Hall 1906-1968
Embassy 1907-ca. 1963
La Maison Française (French House) 1907-present
Carnegie Library 1908-present
Finney Memorial Chapel  1908-present
Martin Block  1908-1954 
Metcalf House  1908-?
Koppes-Norris House 1909-present
Rice Memorial Hall 1910-present
Wilder Hall 1911-present
Keep Cottage 1913-present
Central Heating Plant (1st) 1913-1956
Apollo Theatre 1914-present
Cox Administration Building 1915-present
Allen Memorial Art Building 1917 (additions, 1938, 1976)-present
President's House 1920-present
Allen Memorial Hospital/Mercy Allen Hospital 1925-present
Theological Quadrangle (Bosworth, Asia House) 1931-present
Crane Swimming Pool for Women 1931-present
Haskell Fountain 1931-present
Noah Hall 1932-present
Co-education Centennial Memorial Gateway 1937-present
Hales Memorial Gymnasium 1939-present
Wright Laboratory of Physics 1943-present
Federal Hall 1943-1956
Trailers ca. 1946-1952
Burton Hall 1947-present
Jones Field House 1948-2009
Weltzheimer/Johnson House 1949-present
Fairchild House (residence hall) 1949-present
Central Heating Plant (2nd) 1949-present
Harkness House 1950-present
Hall Auditorium 1953-present
Nichols Memorial Gateway 1955-present
Oberlin Inn (2nd) 1955-2016 (south wing down in 2014)
Dascomb Hall 1956-present
Barrows Hall 1956-present
Kettering Hall of Science 1961-present
Langston Hall (North Hall) 1963-present
South Hall 1963-present
East Hall 1963-present
Williams Field House 1963-present
Conservatory of Music 1963-present
King Memorial Building 1966-present
Program Houses/Dormitories (1968) 1968-present
Philips (Jesse) Physical Education Center 1971-present
Domes, Art Building Addition 1971-?; ca. 1983-present
Mudd Learning Center 1974-present
Allen Memorial Art Building, Venturi Addition 1976-present
Bacon Arbor 1984-present
Bandstand, Clark 1985-present
Conservatory Library Addition 1988-present
Stevenson Hall 1990-present
Sperry Neuroscience Wing, Kettering Hall of Science 1990-present
Heisman Club Field House 1992-present
Oberlin College Bookstore 1993-present
John Frederick Oberlin Monument 1995-present
World War II Memorial Garden 1997-present
Lewis (Adam Joseph) Center for Environmental Studies  2000-present
Science Center 2002-present
Kahn (Robert Lewis) Hall 2010-present
Kohl (Bertram and Judith) Building 2010-present
Knowlton (Austin E.) Athletics Complex 2014-present
Lewis (Peter B.) Gateway Center 2016-present
Health and Wellness Addition to Philips Physical Education Center 2018
Eric Baker Nord Performing Arts Annex 2018


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